QSRWeb just published a great article about the state of the QSR industry in July based on our data. Check out the full article here.

McDonald’s is clearly winning the traffic game this summer, while Chipotle is showing signs of a healthy rebound from its E.coli-based fall from grace, according to the insights firm, Sense360.

The company tapped into a panel of more than 2 million diners, while using the data on more than 150 million consumer trips each month to compile a monthly view of how various restaurant chains are faring in their ultra-competitive marketplace. Visits are measured directly and then quantified as a percentage of all visits recorded at quick-service chains. Frequency of visitation is calculated as an indexed score, that rates each chain by how often specific individuals visit. 

Other noteworthy trends found over the past two months included what appears to be a nice summer bounce for Sonic, with an equally disappointing drop for brands like Arby’s and KFC, as far as customer visits and loyalty data is concerned. 

Also, feel free to download a copy of our July QSR Competitive Benchmark below.

[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” icon_size=”” image=”fa-file-pdf-o”] QSR Competitive Benchmark – July 2016.PDF

Sense360 is an insights firm with a panel of over 2 million anonymous consumers and data on more than 150 million consumer trips a month. By understanding the visits and journeys of millions of people in the real-world, we are able to provide restaurants and retailers with detailed competitive and consumer insights.