“The legalization of marijuana four years ago in Colorado has ushered in a new wave of cannabis and cannabis tourism-related business across the Mile High State. And in the midst of that flurry of new business, one intriguing question emerges related to the food service industry: What about the “munchies”?

You know, that renowned appetite-stimulating after-effect of cannabis consumption that more than a few users and scientific studies have documented, including this one from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine researchers, who found, “Smoked active marijuana significantly increased total daily caloric intake by 40 percent … due to an increased consumption of snack foods.”

Given that well-known side effect, it seems likely that Colorado’s legalization of the drug in its many forms might also increase business for Colorado restaurants. But when Sense360 looked into this question, the foot traffic numbers — perhaps surprisingly — showed no such effect.”

We wrote this article about Munchies for FastCasual.com about the effects of cannabis legalization on QSR traffic in Colorado.  It uses a lot of Sense360 data and it is a fun read. You can enjoy the full article here.

About Sense360:

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