We Are Sense360
Helping companies make better decisions through better data

Our Team

Eli Portnoy

CEO/ Founder

Eli’s job is to work on all the things no one else wants to do. Prior to starting Sense360 he was the co-founder and CEO of Thinknear which was acquired by Telenav and before that he was at Amazon. Eli has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from UPenn.

Kamil Mroczek

CTO/ Founder

Kamil leads our engineering and Halo team. Previously he was the lead engineer at Thinknear where he helped design and build the tech infrastructure to handle over 100 billion monthly requests, while maintaining a 99th percentile response time of 75ms. Kamil has a Bachelor of Computer Science from Waterloo University.

Ori Konstantin

Director of Product

Ori knows knows sensors and the data they produce inside and out. He too hails from Thinknear where he did everything data related, from building optimization algorithms to creating the first industry index around location accuracy. Ori has a BS in Biomedical Engineering & Economics from Northwestern University.

Mikey Renan

Director of Business Operations

Mikey is the glue that holds the team together, doing everything business, operations, and marketing. He too came from Thinknear where he started as an intern rising through the ranks to become the star Product Manager. Mikey has a BA from Northwestern University.

Parker Lowrey

Head of Data Science

Parker leads data science at Sense360. He’s passionate about pragmatic machine learning yet has a penchant for efficiently transferring cutting edge theoretical work into real world systems. Parker received a Doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and came to us from a Lead Data Scientist role at Activision.

Karan Talati

Software Engineer

Karan is a software guy that is passionate about digitalizing the physical world. Previously, he worked at SpaceX building up its automated test and manufacturing processes and designing APIs for its connected factory. Karan has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Brian Porter

Business Analyst

Brian is fascinated by the intersection of physical and digital, striving to uncover physical patterns that are unseen but for combing through data. He first recognized this interest working at Westfield where he observed that people’s movements through malls could be quantified and used to make predictions on the performance of assets in the future. Brian has a BS from USC.

Jeremy Sookhoo

Product & Analytics

Jeremy is the king of cool. Throw any task at him and he’s sure to get it done thoughtfully and with style. Jeremy also has roots at Thinknear, standing out as an intern there before going to perfect his data manipulation abilities at Capital One and Calvert Investments. Jeremy has a BS from Brigham Young University and is an MBA candidate at the University of Pennsylvania.

Justin Sohn

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Justin leads business development efforts by creating and deploying strategies to acquire and grow relationships with client partners. Previously, he founded a global eyewear company and pioneered a pilot sales program for the client acquisition division at Meltwater. He has a BS in Finance and Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises from Syracuse University.

Michael Allenson

Head of Industry Solutions

Michael helps clients turn insight into action. He has worked for several top-notch firms helping clients obtain business intelligence through various types of customer and market research including MaritzCX, Technomic, and Diamond Technology consultants. Michael has an MBA and a BA both from the University of Chicago.


Chief Dog Officer

Bear spent years working his tail off to earn the title of CDO at Sense360. When he’s not busy running the business, he can be found running in parks. He’s currently on probation for licking a co-worker…it’s been a ruff month for Bear.

Our Culture

One Team

We are one team with a single goal – to build an amazing company. If the company wins, we all win. We build the team by looking for amazing teammates who will elevate the team over individual genius.

Always Improving

We believe that best people never stop learning and growing and that the only way to do that is to be humble and eager to be better. We crave feedback, we aren’t defensive, and we internalize it. We are also equally as comfortable giving constructive and helpful feedback.

We Are All Owners

We empower everyone at the company to own their work. Owners want lots of responsibility, have authority and freedom to make real decisions, surface bad news quickly, and ask for help when they need it. A company of owners also means that ideas come from everywhere, that we all learn from each other, and titles and seniority don’t matter.


We are trying to do something transformative while also taking on the biggest and most resourced companies in the world. The only way we can pull off the impossible is to simplify everything to its core, only spend time and money on what truly matters, and work very, very, very hard.

We Have Fun

Buliding a company is hard work, but is also needs to be incredibly fun and rewarding. We don’t just work together; we also make the time to have fun. This includes team outings, dinners, ping pong, halo and clipper games.

Our Investors

In The Press

The [Pumpkin Spice Latte] launch followed more than 150,000 incremental visits on the first two days, as stated by Sense360.

According to information from the research firm Sense360, McDonald’s averaged 22 million visits per day from Aug. 9 through Aug. 17, when the chain was running its step counter Happy Meal promotion.

Sense360 CEO Eli Portnoy says his company, which builds location services for apps, studied 6.4 million quick-service visits in July…As Portnoy notes, many chains tend to do better regionally (Starbucks, for instance, is actually more popular than McDonald’s in Los Angeles).

Chick-fil-A conducted its annual Cow Appreciation Day about a month ago…Data collected by Sense360 indicates how exceptionally savvy this seemingly silly promotion ends up being for the chicken-based chain. In fact, data analysis for the day shows that the event generates more than $8 million in foot traffic.

According to Sense360, which is a competitive intelligence firm with data on more than 5 million quick-service restaurant visits a month, the traffic has improved considerably at Starbucks stores in the recent months despite a slowdown in the restaurant industry.

If those developers and users alike could harness the information from sensors (paired with information from the services themselves), they could present experiences at the exact right time and place.

Sense360 intends to help app developers interact more fully with their users by leveraging information gathered by the sensors in users’ phones.

Portnoy and co-founder Kamil Mroczek (also Sense360’s CTO and a former software engineer at Thinknear), are looking to push boundaries.

…the technology can use the data to help application developers better engage and retain their users and combat the high churn endemic to the mobile application business.