Frequent Customers Hit QSR Industry, Hard

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QSR visitation is seeing a noticeable decline with the start of the new year. What’s more, is a lot of this reduction in traffic can be attributed to the industry’s most loyal customers. Check out the article, Heavy QSR users cut back last month on Nation’s Restaurant News by Jonathan Maze that uses Sense360 data from 140 major chains and…

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Why McDonald’s Lost 500 Million Orders

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The Wall Street Journal published an article this week highlighting a significant strategy shift from McDonald’s, noting that the company has lost 500 million orders in recent years. The market loss was due to a lack of understanding of its true customers and competitors. Other brands, such as Burger King, have gone through a similar transformation. Instead of focusing on its…

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Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A win with Election Day promotions – NRN w/ Sense360 Data

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Ron Ruggless just wrote a great article in NRN about the freebie promotions many restaurants ran during election day 2016. Using Sense360 data he analyzed the effectiveness of those promotions and overall consumer changes that occurred on Nov 8th. Below is a quick excerpt, but read the whole article here: • Krispy Kreme, which offered voters a free donut. That provided the Winston-Salem,…

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Game of Chicken – Uncovering The Patterns In The Chicken QSR Category

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Chicken QSRs Across the Country There’s a great game of chicken raging in the quick-serve restaurant market right now.  Over the last two months, QSRs serving primarily chicken have taken roughly eight percent of the entire QSR market across the nation, according to insights firm Sense360.  Sense360 compiles real-time data on QSR consumption from a panel of more than two-million…

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