How 360° Insights can help?

  • How did my most recent promotion do? Who did I take customers from and did they come back after the promotion?
  • What impact does the media spend have on my LTOs?
  • How do my locations do when they are within one mile of my key competitor?
  • Who are my best customers and when do they visit me?
  • Why am I experiencing weakness in Dallas?
  • Which of my competitors do my guests visit most?
  • Please rank all brands by visitor frequency and loyalty during the 5 – 9pm day part.
  • What percent of the market do I own in Chicago (or any DMA) and how is that trending?
  • Do guests who have downloaded my app visit me more regularly? Are they more loyal?
  • How is the broader market doing post the election?
  • Which company ranks best on Thursday mornings?

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