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Online Shopper Journeys – Insights on Digital vs. In-Store Customer Behavior

Thursday, December 15 at 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST

Shopper journeys are becoming increasingly intertwined with digital channels – whether it’s pre-trip online research, buy online / pick up in-store, or some other combination of digital and in-person experiences. 

In this post-COVID landscape, what drives customers to choose digital channels over in-person, and is there a difference in the quality of their experience? In this session, we’ll share insights from Medallia Market Research to explore:

  • Whether there has been a resurgence of in-person shopping trips now that masks and social distancing are optional
  • When they have a choice, why customers choose digital over in-person shopping
  • Quality of experiences – including in-store vs. digital NPS, customer service interactions, and more
  • Overall Satisfaction benchmarks across industries like retail, restaurants, hospitality, and financial services.

Optimizing the various shopping channels for your brand requires a deep understanding of the customers that use them and why.  Get the answers you need in this session.

Presented by Andrew Custage, Head of Insights for Medallia Market Research

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    Understanding Gen Z

    Now that Gen Z is maturing into purchasing power, many brands are interested in the unique sentiments and behavior of this generation. This webinar covers a deep dive on:

    • How Gen Z compares to other generations in choosing where to shop
    • What products they prioritize splurging on, rather than just buying the basics
    • Their needs and wants that the retail and restaurant markets aren’t providing enough of

    The Right Way to Understand Post-COVID Industry Trends

    AUGUST 23, 2022

    Following an unprecedented 2020 and 2021 with wild year-over-year swings, it can be hard to reconcile day-to-day narratives ranging from sensational, market-disrupting trends vs. predictable, minor shifts of the “new normal.” In this webinar, you’ll learn how to place your performance in the right context with the right data – and make strategic decisions with more certainty.

    Next-Gen Metrics for Analyzing Customer Behavior

    JUNE 21, 2022

    Are your insights telling you the whole story? Common measurement approaches rely solely on internal data or overly-simplified metrics that fail to capture the full picture. In this webinar, we’ll share the leading-edge methods for understanding consumer behavior using real-time big data. 

    Redefining Customer Loyalty

    MAY 3, 2022

    In this webinar, we analyzed how customer loyalty has changed in industries like retail, restaurants, travel and hospitality. How should brands think about structuring loyalty programs and incentivizing loyalty in the future, now that consumer lifestyles have shifted?

    The Latest Employee Experience Insights

    MARCH 8, 2022

    In this webinar, we revisited research on the employee experience. This analysis will include a survey of the American workforce and how they expect to make employment decisions – including attitudes toward returning to the office, vaccine mandates, unionizing, the Omicron variant, and more.

    The Apparel Shopper Journey

    FEBRUARY 8, 2022

    Since the pandemic began, retail shopper journeys have become increasingly complex – especially when it comes to Apparel. The shopper’s decision-making process often occurs online, while the actual decision to buy may occur in-store after they’ve tried items on. Other journeys occur entirely online, or sometimes as in-store impulse buys. How can retailers gain a better understanding of the important moments throughout the Apparel shopper journey?

    2021 Holiday Shopping Insights

    DECEMBER 14, 2021

    A first look at consumer behavior during Black Friday 2021. How did the different retail categories perform before and during Black Friday? What was the role of product availability, pricing, and order channels in their decision making?

    The State of Third-Party Delivery

    NOVEMBER 16, 2021

    Third-party delivery platforms like DoorDash and Instacart have captured an incredible volume of food purchases since the start of the pandemic. How is the rise of third-party platforms influencing the restaurant and grocery industries?

    Black Friday Predictions

    OCTOBER 19, 2021

    The holiday shopping season is fast approaching, and Black Friday 2021 will be one of the biggest revenue generators of the entire year for retailers. What should retailers prepare for when it comes to consumer behavior? 

    The Rise of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) in Retail

    SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

    Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is an increasingly popular payment format among retailers. How does this payment format affect the customer experience, and what should retailers take into account when considering its implementation?

    The Impact of Inflation on Consumer Behavior

    AUGUST 24, 2021

    Inflation and supply chain disruptions have increased the prices of consumer goods, affecting virtually everything from gas prices to groceries. As many consumers still struggle to recover from financial setbacks induced by COVID, how will this affect shopper behavior across the retail and restaurant industries?

    Back-to-School Retail Insights

    JULY 27, 2021

    After a year of remote schooling, what should retailers expect from the 2021 Back-to-School shopping season? A behavioral and survey analysis of how consumers are planning their 2021 back-to-school shopping – across channels, retail categories, and more.

    The Future of Retail Consumer Behavior

    JUNE 29, 2021

    Consumer behavior has changed drastically when it comes to retail shopping. How much of it will stick now that pandemic restrictions have mostly lifted? Watch the recording to hear about evolving spending trends and how consumers plan to shift their behavior over the coming year.

    Grocery Shopper Insights

    JUNE 8, 2021

    Many grocery shoppers have switched to delivery and curbside pickup, but the in-store experience is still critical to get right. Watch the recording for a consumer insights analysis on the behavior and sentiment of which aspects of the omnichannel experience make the biggest impact for retail shoppers.

    Deep Dive on Pizza Restaurants

    May 25, 2021

    Pizza chains have become one of the top-performing restaurant channels in 2021. Watch the webinar to hear about why pizza restaurants became such a popular option for consumers during the pandemic, and what the future may hold for this segment of the restaurant industry

    Fireside Chat with Danny Klein, Journalistic Inc.

    MAY 18, 2021

    A fireside chat with special guest Danny Klein, Editorial Director at Journalistic Inc. Danny has been keeping his finger on the pulse of restaurant innovation over the past year, and shared his perspective on which trends are here to stay.

    The Post-COVID Grocery Shopper

    MAY 11, 2021

    The latest survey insights on the evolving behavior and perceptions of grocery shoppers – using delivery, curbside pickup, the “dark store” concept, and more.

    The State of Restaurant Customer Experience

    MAY 4, 2021

    Restaurant consumers have changed their priorities and decision-drivers dramatically over the past year, so optimizing the customer experience is more important than ever. In this webinar, we shared a CX survey analysis of thousands of restaurant consumers, and which aspects matter most.

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