We deeply value privacy and have established a rigorous process
and set of criteria to ensure we maintain it

User Consent & Transparency

Participating apps must get user consent to acquire location data.


We never collect personally identifiable information using our sensor-intelligence technology. We obfuscate certain data like home wifi access point name for added privacy.

Masking Sensitive POIs

We obfuscate points of interest that may be considered sensitive before we share any location with third parties.

How is user privacy protected?

We take user privacy very, very seriously. These are the tenets that define our handling of user data:

  1. Participating apps must get user consent to acquire location data.
  2. We do not collect any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) using our SDK.
  3. Our SDK encrypts transmissions of sensor data to our servers and we encrypt sensor data while at rest on our servers.
  4. We proactively obfuscate certain data to help us avoid inadvertently collecting PII. As an example, we obfuscate home Wi-Fi access-point names, as they sometimes include family names.
  5. Precise home location is only stored on the user’s phone and not on our servers.
  6. POI data collected near a user’s home is obfuscated to maintain privacy.
  7. We obfuscate POI data for potentially sensitive locations, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, and places of worship.

Why does Sense360 collect data?

We collect sensor data, along with optional user survey data, across multiple devices and apps to create marketing and analytics reports and research datasets that help companies understand their customers better.

We also provide mobile app developers with tools to create smarter apps and use sensor and survey data to improve our product.

What data does Sense360 collect?

We collect anonymous sensor and device data, which includes location, Wi-Fi status, accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, activity, pedometer, and apps. We also collect advertising IDs on Android and iOS devices, related third party device data, and anonymous user surveys to generate better marketing and analytics reports.

We do not collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) through our SDK.

From whom is the data collected?

We collect data from our app partners who use our technology to enhance their analytics and / or to help them build more personalized and smarter experiences. In some cases, we may offer partners discounts or payments.

We collect optional survey data from users who choose to participate in them.

We also collect some device data from third parties to help generate our marketing and analytics reports for our app partners.

What requirements do you have of app partners?

Partners that work with us must:

  1. Get consent from their users for the data they collect
  2. Clearly state in their privacy policy that they will share the data
  3. Not combine PII data with raw sensor data

How does Sense360 make money?

We use some of the anonymous data we collect across multiple devices and apps to provide consumer reports and research datasets to our partners.