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Intelligence is a first-of-its-kind, self-service insights platform for restaurants and retailers.

It uses data science to stitch together three always-on datasets: Transactions, Foot Traffic, and Surveys. 

It combines these insights in dynamic, easy-to-read dashboards and exports, so you get instant answers to your most important questions.

The Ingredients

Our Data Sets

Foot Traffic Data

Using mobile phone location/sensor data, we track the in-store visits of 5 million consumers 24/7. We can show you where your customer went, what happened, and why it happened.

Attitudinal Survey Data

With visit-based surveys, we can survey customers immediately after they visit your online or brick & mortar location (or a competitor’s) to find out why and how they make decisions. We deploy syndicated and custom surveys through our proprietary survey panel of trackable consumers – the largest of its kind.

Transaction Data

We analyze the spend data from the debit and credit cards of 5 million consumers. We can show you how much consumers are spending at your locations, your competitors’ locations, online shopping, and third-party delivery – giving you deeper insight into the state of your business.


Questions, meet answers.

Our expert analysts partner with your team to understand your business, research your questions, and provide deep-dive analysis using multiple proprietary data sets. The reports we provide include:

COVID-19 Tracker - Cope and recover from the crisis

Consumer behavior has shifted dramatically as a result of stay-at-home orders, high unemployment, and the rapidly-changing coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 Tracker combines consumer behavior insights with daily surveys to help you understand the new landscape, weather the storm, and win market share as we find a new normal. Learn more here.

LTO Analysis - Comprehensive pre and post insights

We can provide reports and dashboards that help you understand the ROI of your Limited Time Offers. We combine insights from targeted surveys, transaction data, and foot traffic data to help you understand:

  • Which competitors have launched similar LTOs, and how they performed
  • Characteristics and demographics of the customers that the LTO attracted
  • LTO performance by geography, market share, and beating nearby competitors
  • Measure incrementality in foot traffic and consumer spending
  • Understand how your customers perceived the LTO and your brand
  • And more.
Softness Analysis - Why are sales declining in specific markets?

If your brand is experiencing softness in certain markets, it could be caused by a multitude of reasons. We’ll discover exactly why your customers are visiting less, spending less, or perceiving less of your brand.

  • We can deploy targeted surveys to customers who have visited your locations (or competitors) to understand the reasons behind consumers’ behavior.
  • Are there dayparts, DMAs, specific competitors or customers that are driving the declines?
  • Is the softness driven by a decline in reach or a decline in frequency?
Growth Opportunities - Where and how can I grow the fastest?

Have you captured all the lowest-hanging fruit when it comes to growth and expansion?

  • We’ll analyze your nationwide performance to identify markets with optimal consumer and competitor makeup for expansion – down to the DMA level.
  • We’ll use our custom segmentation approach to identify key growth opportunities based on your past performance, competitors’ performance, and the size of each segment.
Delivery Analysis - How is third-party delivery impacting my brand?

Understand how delivery apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats, Door Dash and more are disrupting the industry and your brand. Get answers to questions like:

  • Which apps are my customers using?
  • How do delivery app users skew by region and demographics?
  • Is my delivery partner creating incremental growth, or cannibalizing my sales?
Site Performance and Selection - How can I optimize my portfolio for profitable growth?

We uniquely combine our datasets to help you understand site performance, optimize your unit portfolio, and select new sites with the best opportunity for profitable growth. We’ll help you answer:

  • What explains the difference in performance from my top and bottom sites?
  • Which sites are not reaching full potential and why?
  • Where should I open/close/relocate/remodel sites?
  • What is the expected sales impact of a new site on other sites?
  • How well do my sites match my core customer profile?
  • Which competitors pose the biggest threat in each trade area?

Direct Access Dashboards

Instant insights

Our dashboard technology provides dynamic and direct access to all of the data you need  – so you can take the analysis into your own hands.

Transactions Dashboard - Access spending trends

Benchmarking and tracking spend metrics helps you more accurately measure your company’s success and put performance in context. This means understanding the frequency with which your guests visit, their loyalty to your brand, and their migration to your competitors. Our Transaction Insights dashboard tracks 6 million consumers’ credit, debit, and bank transactions.

  • You can see true spending behavior vs. stated behavior (which can be biased and inaccurate).
  • You can see competitive context – track consumer spending nationwide, or in specific regions or DMAs. Or, compare the check size of your competitors’ guests with your own guests.
  • Gain access into channel blurring, with the ability to track direct versus third-party delivery purchase behavior – one of the most disruptive trends in the restaurant space.
  • Benchmark your own sales against market trends, and identify drivers of incremental growth.

Brand Perceptions Dashboard - Access the voice of the customer

We deploy hundreds of thousands of surveys per year, so you can have always-on access to the voice of your customers. We survey consumers on 35+ brand perception attributes and combine the results with foot traffic data, so you can deep dive into the perceptions of targeted groups in a way that was never before possible.

  • Direct access to consumer perception data for over 150 restaurant brands.
  • Unaided and Aided Awareness, Intended Visitation, Preference, Uniqueness, Value, NPS, and 35 brand attributes (image/reputation, atmosphere, service, food, value).
  • Slice by demographics like gender, HHI, ethnicity, age, awareness, past visitation, and more.

Foot Traffic Dashboard - Access visitation trends

Our foot traffic dashboard gives you always-on access to location data for 2 million consumers. We can see where they’re going over time, track visits to your locations and competitors, and combine data sets for a deeper view into brand performance.

  • Where else are my customers visiting, and why?
  • Do my competitors out-perform me in certain regions, DMAs, days, or dayparts?
  • Which of my competitors is gaining share, and why?
  • Which competitor poses the greatest threat? How do I win?

Foot traffic data becomes even more powerful when combined with transaction and survey data – we can understand where consumers go, how much they spend, and how they perceive you vs. the competition.


Tailored to your brand

Have something else in mind? We can create a custom solution for you. 

Brand Tracker - How is my brand performing?

We’ll provide regular reports that help you keep your finger on the pulse of your brand, answering a range of questions like:

  • What are the underlying reasons for changes in performance?
  • What is happening in the competitive landscape?
  • How is my guest retention? Who is stealing my guests? Whose guests am I stealing?
  • How is my check size trending vs. competitors?
  • How are perceptions of my brand changing? How do they compare to competitors?
  • How is my customer frequency/retention trending?

Consumer Segmentation - Who are my core customers?

Unlike traditional market research, which relies on limited sample size and one-time surveys, Sense360 takes a sophisticated and large-scale approach to segmentation.

  • We combine behavioral and survey data from a sample of 2 million panelists.
  • Shifts in population and market are tracked in real-time with consistent segmentation, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your market with rapid turnaround on results.
  • This data can be cut by region, DMA, day of week, daypart, and much more. 

Surveys - What do my customers think about X?

We provide both custom and syndicated surveys with greater accuracy and turnaround speed than any other research provider. In addition to our massive panel of 2 million consumers that can be tracked and surveyed, we’re able to deploy surveys at targeted moments based on observed consumer behavior – like moments after they visit your location or a competitor’s. This means we don’t need to rely on self-stated behavior, which can be unreliable and biased. 

Other Custom Analyses - What other questions do you have?

We can deliver customized research for you, including reports like:

  • Market Analysis (Local / Expansion)
  • Customer Migration
  • Concept Testing
  • Third Party Delivery Impact
  • Price Sensitivity
  • Guest Frequency Analysis
  • New Guest Tracking

Contact us with your questions, and we’ll help you find answers.

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