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A consumer behavioral intelligence and benchmarking platform that combines millions of consumer activities to allow you to understand where, how, and why consumers spend their time and money.

Our Approach

The full story

We combine foot traffic, transaction, and survey data to uncover both the what and the why.

With the detail you need

We collect billions of data points across millions of panelists so you can see the forest and the trees.

Quickly and painlessly

Tap into insights yourself with our self-service dashboards, or ask our experts. Get answers (not data) in minutes (not months).

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We can answer your toughest questions.

What is driving traffic?

Why is my performance declining in a specific market?

Which competitors are gaining share, and why?

Who is my core customer? What do they care about?

Where else are my customers visiting, and why?

Do my competitors out-perform me in certain regions/dayparts?

our clients

A few of our partners

“Our partnership with Sense360 and their team is a game-changer because it allows us to make better business decisions faster. We can now see competitive shifts in granular detail, including by Daypart and DMA, in nearly real-time.”

Patricia Chou | Director of Consumer Insights | Jack in the Box

“Sense360 has definitely helped us to have a real pulse on the health of our business relative to our competition in real-time.”

Tom Johnson | Director of Consumer Insights | Del Taco


Understand who, what, where, and why – in real time.

We track billions of diverse data points on your customers – foot traffic, survey responses, and transactions. We combine the broadest data sets on the market so we can provide realtime 360° insights into consumer behavior, with the ability to drill down into the details.

Consumers in our Foot Traffic Panel

Consumers in Our Transaction Panel

Surveys Per Year

Our Solutions


Our data is always-on, which gives you access to up-to-date data without lag, and allows you to analyze trends and benchmark behaviors over time.

Custom Insights

Our expert analysts partner with your team to understand your business, research your questions, and provide deep-dive analysis.

Direct Access

Our dashboard technology provides dynamic and direct access to all of the data you need to take the analysis into your own hands.

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