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Sense360’s always-on data collection means we see consumers’ full journey including all of their visits to your locations and your competitors’ locations. This allows us to understand what percent of your customers were new vs. returning, what your retention rate is, who else your customers are visiting, and hundreds of other advanced and never-before possible metrics.

Samples so big we report daily & by DMA

Sense360 observes over 150 million visits each month in the United States. N = 150,000,000! This much data means you can see market share and other metrics on a daily basis for each major DMA and quickly spot trends and changes, whether they are due to promotions, LTOs, new competitors, or something else.

What and Why

Behavioral data is observed rather than stated. This means we don’t have to rely on consumers correctly remembering what they did 12 weeks ago, be concerned about their bias, or worry about gaming. More importantly, it means you can trust our insights.

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QSR Benchmark

Provides QSR rankings for various performance metrics.

Delivery App Report

Do 3rd Party Delivery Apps Impact Restaurant Vists?

Media Strategy

Suggests media targeting tactics for QSR campaigns.

Super Bowl Study

Explores USA consumer activity surrounding the 2016 Super Bowl.

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