The insights dashboard that automatically distills millions of data points to illuminate restaurant and retailer performance and uncover the true drivers of your business.

Introducing Intelligence.

Intelligence is a first-of-its-kind, self-service insights platform that illuminates the performance of restaurants and retailers.

It uses machine learning to stitch together three always-on datasets: Transactions, Foot Traffic, and Surveys. This allows you to see unblinded insights on hundreds of major restaurant and retailer chains.

Whether you work at a retailer, restaurant, CPG, or something else – you’ll gain instant answers to the most important questions on consumer behavior, sales performance, and market dynamics.

This allows you to react quicker, seize white space opportunities, and optimize performance in real-time.

All the answers you need, in one place

Easy-to-read dashboards are designed to answer your most important and recurring questions.

You’ll see the big picture with the ability to double-click into the data behind it.

Machine learning crunches the numbers for you

Intelligence automatically analyzes multiple datasets to flag the most meaningful insights.

The result is comprehensive insights and clear answers, delivered to you instantly and seamlessly.

Delivered conveniently, actionable immediately

Customizable subscriptions deliver new insights straight to your inbox.

Export Powerpoint/Excel files with editable charts that enable you to socialize insights quicker.

Three powerful datasets combined

Intelligence combines 600 million business visits per year, 4.6 billion consumer transactions per year, and 500 thousand surveys per year – eliminating the need for manual cross-referencing and analysis.

“If all goes well, this dashboard could literally replace my whole job. When I initially gave you feedback on the competitive insights we’d like to see, I never in a million years imagined it would look this cool.”

Insights Professional, Top QSR Chain

Intelligence Modules


The Intelligence dashboard includes a robust set of modules that enable you to understand performance through a variety of lenses.

Brand Performance

Understand how a brand is performing over time and understand why a brand’s performance trend has changed.

Competitive Landscape

Contextualize your performance against competitors and market benchmarks—understand the unique reasons why a brand is performing better or worse than the market.

Market Performance

Understand whether the overall market is growing or contracting and the reasons why.

Head-to-Head Performance

Understand how two brands are performing head to head and what the underlying insights are that explain why one brand is performing better than the other.

Consumer Profiles

Highlights a rich demographic and behavioral profile of a brand’s key customer segments and identifies what is differentiated. Understand who specific customer segments are and where they shop. 

Brand Perceptions

Reveals how consumers perceive your company and what perceptions you own vs. the competition. Highlights what perceptions actually drive performance and are worth investing in.

Brand KPIs

Track underlying KPIs (penetration, check size, etc.) and how you rank vs. competitors. Highlights new trends and changes in a brand’s performance on KPIs.

More Coming Soon

Our future modules will include: Promotion/Media ROI Analysis, Customer Migration, Customer Value, Local Analysis, Performance Dynamics, Daypart Analysis, and more.


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