We analyze and combine millions of digital behavioral data points with attitudinal surveys to give a full view into the why, what and how. Our methodology is rigorous and leverages world-class technology.


At the core of our research is our sensor-technology which uses the mobile sensors built into smartphones to understand a user’s location and activity. We have trained our algorithms with hundreds of thousands of labeled data points and incorporate data from GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, wifi, ambient light, and many other sensors. This provides us with an anonymous, but highly accurate understanding of where, how, and when people interact with physical locations and businesses.


Sense360’s sensor-technology is on dozens of apps and more than 2 million devices in the US. Our panel generates more than a terabyte of sensor data every single day and provides a detailed view of more than 150 million anonymous user visits a month.


We continuously collect anonymous sensor data from our panel capturing not just location, but also activity and context. This provides a comprehensive and complete perspective of the path to purchase and deeper and more nuanced consumer insights.


We can also trigger surveys based on the underlying sensor data, allowing us to ask consumers directly why they did something. As an example, if we uncover through our passive insights that consumers of brand X are frequenting competitor Y with increasing regularity, we can trigger a survey to ask those users why.


Our panel is highly representative and we are constantly refining our methodology to ensure the highest confidence interval possible. We monitor the representativeness of our panel geographically, by demo, and by visits to dozens of locations where we have mystery shoppers physically counting people.


We are constantly checking ourselves, our methodology, and our tech for accuracy. As an example, we have a group of “mystery counters” who physically go to dozens of locations and manually count traffic so that we can compare our numbers.

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