Our data represents over 100 million restaurant and retail visits a year, over 100 million credit card and debit card transactions, and hundreds of thousands of awareness, attitudinal and satisfaction surveys. This combination of behavioral and attitudinal data creates a real-time 360-degree view and allows us to quickly answer your burning questions.

Our technology

Our team of engineers and data scientists (including multiple PhD’s) spent years building our Market Research SDK to identify over 100 million restaurant and retail visits, which we also augment using additional location data licensed from a third party. Our system also ingests credit card and debit card data on over 100 million restaurant and retail transactions. This provides us with an anonymous but highly accurate, device-linked understanding of where, how, and when people interact with physical locations and businesses and how much they spent.

Not just what but also why

We also collect hundreds of thousands of surveys based on where people go, allowing us to ask consumers directly why they did something. This allows us to capture attitudinal data such as awareness, brand perception, reason for visit, and satisfaction. We then combine our survey responses with our behaviorally observed data to understand the full picture.

Large and representative panel

Our Market Research SDK is a transparent and privacy-first technology that collects location and survey data if a consumer opts-in to location collection. Our SDK is on nearly one hundred apps and millions of mobile devices in the US. We carefully curate our panel to ensure that it is highly reflective of the general population across geography, gender, ethnicity, age, and household income.

Accuracy and validations

We are constantly checking our methodology and our tech for accuracy. We validate accuracy by collecting tens of thousands of responses a month from our users letting us know where they went and comparing to our algorithms. We also validate our data with reported earnings.

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